Expanded Games Exhibition

Digital games have long since left their original residences in living rooms and hallowed arcade halls and can now be played virtually anywhere, sometimes integrating real-world data to create hybrid realities or being used for a variety of purposes beyond sheer entertainment. In conjunction with the “Expanded Animation” Symposium, “Expanded Games” explores game projects that “think outside the box,” featuring innovative game mechanics, explorative usage of content and interesting applications of game technology. A selection of student games from the Media Technology and Design, Interactive Media and Digital Arts programs at the Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria serves as a resource for a playful reflection on the blurred borders between digital games and other forms of media and media art.



Jeremiah Diephuis (US), Juergen Hagler (AT), Michael Lankes (AT)
With games by: Philipp Brantner (AT), Maximilian Fölss (AT), Florian Friedrich (AT), Miriam Hager (AT), Peter Hofbauer (AT), Bernhard Hofer (AT), Jakob Januschkowetz (AT), Dominik Hackl (AT), Michael Klammer (AT), Gabriel Mittermair (AT), Matthias Patscheider (IT), Lukas Paul (AT), Markus Ploier (AT), Samantha Povolny (AT), Viktoria Ronacher (AT), Florian Schmidt (AT), Lukas Stöbich (AT), Katrin Tieber (AT), Alessa Wolfram (AT), Maximilian Wöß (AT), Bianca Zankl (AT)